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5 mei 2021

Interview met DeMarty

Frankrijk is de bakermat van synthwave. Het subgenre binnen de elektronische muziek waar onze harten sneller van gaat kloppen. Een nieuwe ster aan die Franse horizon luistert naar de naam DeMarty. Met zijn recent verschenen debuutalbum ¨DeMarty EP¨ mixt Florent oude met nieuwe geluiden en creëert hij zo een nieuw stukje muzikale geschiedenis. Tijd om kennis te maken met deze sympathieke Fransman. Tijd voor een interview!

France is the cradle of synthwave. The subgenre within electronic music that makes our hearts beat faster. A new star on that French horizon is named DeMarty. With his recently released debut album "DeMarty EP", Florent mixes old with new sounds, creating a new piece of musical history. Time to meet this sympathetic Frenchman. Time for an interview!


Florent, can you please introduce yourself?
Well, my name's Florent, by now in my thirties. I grew up and live in the north of Paris. I compose and produce electronic music for a decade now and I'm the man behind DeMarty, a global project started three years ago, in which I can express myself in so many ways and put a lot of my interests and passion for music, pop culture, storytelling... Music has been part of my life since my childhood. I started to learn solfeggio when I was 6 but my passion started to burn when my father gave me my first keyboard. Instinctively, and because I always want to get to the bottom of it, I learned by myself how to record, to mix and deliver my own sounds.

Congratulations with your debut EP ¨DeMarty¨, which was released in November of last year. When you started to work on this EP, what was your idea of how the end result should sound like?
Thank you Sander. You know, for me the holy grail in music is the idea of concept albums, a common thing in the late 70's. This fits well with my will to melt electronic music and sci-fi movies background, it allows me to tell a story, without any word. I want people to become a director and imagine their own stories based on the music I made. You can see this as a soundtrack for a movie yet to be shot. So I want my music to be inspiring. And in my opinion, the 80's decade is all about this inspiring vision of the future, that we completely lost today, for the reasons we all know, from global warming to terrorism, pandemic... Therefore I know I would deal with retro synthesizers sounds, but I didn't want to make a carbon copy of this era, rather to revisit this retro state of mind, with an actual vibe and energy, with the technology of today.

I really like the different styles you put into this EP. Synthwave, EDM, electro, rock; it all melts together like fresh butter in hot milk. What is your relation to these music styles and which artists inspired you by creating your own style?
You're right and these styles are just what I listen to in day-to-day life. I tend to put a lot of the rock energy in my music. I remember discovering legends of the rock on my dad's turntable, like the Beatles, the Who, Pink Floyd. Electro came later and I remember the firsts hits of the late 90's, and the French Touch coming with obviously Daft Punk. I also recollect the tunes from people like Moby, Air, Massive Attack, which reminds me of this era. I'm also in phase with some great today's projects, like French 79, 3LAU, Flume, ODESZA, The Toxic Avenger...

Talking about inspiration from other musicians. As you are from France, you ofcourse know the legendary Jean-Michel Jarre. What do you think of his music?
Here again, I clearly recall my parents listening to his music, so it's a Proust's madeleine for me. I certainly can say that every electronic music producer owes so much to his work. Would electronic music be the same without Oxygène? I mean all these noises sounds commonly used in EDM and other electronic styles during buildups and as FX fillers come from here. He took a laboratory and scientific approach of "Musique concrète", and created a popular, mainstream - in the good way - music that hit the world and inspired many artists.

What is your personal favorite track on your EP?
It is hard to pick up a winner, as I would not share a song I don't love and make me happy. So, I would retain one track, it would be End of Times Party. I never thought I would be able to produce a track in such a Prodigy -like vibe. I really pushed my own limits while staying faithful to DeMarty's sound. This is the most pictureable music of the EP in my opinion. The feeling of urgence, the tension built.

Can you share some of your plans for this year with us?
There are some great things coming this year. I work with some great visual artists to build a global experience and we will focus rightly on End Of Times Party on May 14th, we prepare an exciting animated clip where DeMarty is called my President of the world to save the Universe. Nothing less :) Then, expect some small surprises in the next months, I invite your readers to follow my social profiles and to not miss anything.

On your Facebook page we can see a photo of you in your studio. Can you tell us about your equipment (hardware and software) you use to make music?
You know, until recently I used to create music in a nomadic way, and I started to build this small place recently. I tend to use one well selected equipment for a particular need. I'm a big fan of the Microkorg, which is mainly oriented for trance but also has great retro sounds, coupled with the Roland SH-201, on which I learned the basics of sound synthesis. I also use an Arturia Microbrute to give more analog punch to the sound, and a Yamaha MOX-6 I use as a swiss knife. Therefore, I'm more and more convinced by VST instruments that are getting better through the years, particularly the ones from Native Instruments.

DeMarty in the studio making music

What is your favorite movie of the ´80s and why?
There're so many iconic movies from this decade, if I would choose one, and there'll be no surprise regarding my act's name, but it would be Back To The Future 2, and here's why: there's all the 80's thing in a whole movie. More than the first or the third, you find this poetic, yet outdated but optimistic vision of the future, when Marty arrives in 2015, and sees flying cars, holograms. This ingenious idea that we could achieve great things through technology. And all is so bright, shiny.

And finally any last words to the synthwave community?
I'm really amazed and therefore grateful to Synthwave fans, creators, and influencers like you Sander, for your support, goodwill, and dedication. I'm pleased to see how a starting project like mine is welcomed and I want to thank you all. There are so many artists, all creating such great universes and telling amazing stories. We had and still have hard times locked down at home for many of us and creating imaginary worlds like we do is even more important.

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29 apr. 2021

Mijn favoriete synthwave releases van de maand april

De maand april is bijna ten einde. Tijd om je een lijst op te sommen met mijn favoriete releases van deze maand.

Mijn favoriete synthwave releases van de maand april

Floyds Alchemy van Vision89

New Dawn van Romeo Mitrotta

1984 (feat. Oblique) van The Last Concorde

I Knew You | The Rain van AWITW

Lessier's Web van Reed Reimer

Forever van L'Avenue

NEW PARADIGM van Silicon Empire

Voyager van Trent Walton

Pronto! van Ultraboss

A Simple Thief: Los Angeles van Two Words in Japanese

Burnout van Escape Brothers

Never Look Back van Turbo Cobra

Fall of the Titans van Millennium Falck

Initializing van ᴘₒʟʏɢʟᵒᴛ

Then Again van Mitch Murder

CONCEPTUALS #1 van Peter Zimmermann

28 apr. 2021

DJ Eddy de Clercq presenteert Vinyl Sessions Episode 9 bij Night Arcade

Ik ben heel blij dat DJ Devereaux 85 van Night Arcade een speciale DJ set met niemand minder dan Eddy de Clerq (EDC) heeft opgenomen. Eddy de Clerq is één van mijn favoriete house DJ´s uit de jaren ´90 van de vorige eeuw. Mijn broer kwam regelmatig met cassette bandjes thuis van EDC dj-sets opgenomen in The Tumult te Abcoude. Het mooie dorp onder de rook van Amsterdam waar ik ben opgegroeid.

Night Arcade

Zie hieronder de gehele playlist en zet je speakers op 10!!!

We’re excited to team up with Eddy De Clercq one of the founders of the house and acid culture in the Netherlands. 

This episode consists of two parts.

In the first part, Eddy will showcase music of the  ULTRA era a Dutch post-punk and art-punk movement from the early 1980s that originated in Amsterdam. The representatives of the genre were called the ULTRA'S, which is short for the Ultra Moderns. One of the first Dutch bands from the ULTRA movement that started making electronic dance music was Necronomicon. Besides their activities as musicians, they also started Fetisj; a short-lived DIY cassette-label in the early 1980s.

In the second part Eddy will play a selection of his favorite records, going back to the early 80’s that started it all for him and would led to introducing house and acid in the Dutch night clubs in the mid to late 80’s.

Tracklist "The Sound of Fetisj 1982" part 1:
Necronimicon - The Worm
Necronimicon - Mimi
Necronimicon - Over 21
Necronimicon - Judy Teen (Hunted Animal)
Necronimicon - Join
Necronimicon - Eturnal Love Song

Paradiso Live 14 Oktober 1982 - Richenel - Smell Of Poverty
Paradiso Live 14 Oktober 1982 - Richenel - Autumn 

Rite De Passage - Lord Randall
Rite De Passage - Lord Randall - Mitra Mitra Remix 

Tracklist a selection of Eddy's favorites:
Carlos Peron - Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
Liasions Dangereuses - Los Ninos Del Parque
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down (Aggro Mix)
Nacht Und Nebel - Movoco Synthaca
Matthias Schuster - Fur Alles Auf Der Welt
Visage - Frequency 7 (US Dance Remix)
Depeche Mode - Ice Machine
Nick Nicely - DCT Dreams
Visage - Mind Of A Toy (Dance Mix)
Ultravox -Herr X
Carlos Peron -  Breaking In
Front 242 - Welcome To Paradise
Brian Eno & David Byrne - The Jezebel Spirit
+ Instruments - Big Man
Crash Course In Science - Cardboard Lamb

21 apr. 2021

Interview met InfraDEAD

Ik voel mij enorm vereerd om dit nieuwe interview met InfraDEAD.  Twee broers, die naast hun extreem drukke agenda´s, geweldige muziek maken en waar we nog meer van gaan horen dit jaar en in 2022. De combinatie van synth en rock/metal is een lust voor de oren. Luister maar snel naar hun gave singles. Maar eerst een kennismaking met deze heren. Tijd voor een interview! 

I feel very honored to have this new interview with InfraDEAD. Two brothers, who make great music in addition to their extremely busy schedules and which we will hear more of this year and in 2022. The combination of synth and rock / metal is a feast for the ears. Just listen to their cool singles. But first an introduction to these gentlemen. Time for an interview!


Hey guys, can you please introduce yourself?
We are infraDEAD! A two-man musical project out of New Jersey. My brother and I have been metal-heads since we were teens, but in recent years we fell in love with the synthwave/retrowave community and culture. We wanted to create music that bridged the two genera's together and create our own unique soundscape. Ultimately, our goal is to break down the divide between genera's and bring folks with different musical tastes together! Hence, infraDEAD was born!

How would you like to describe your style of music?
If we had to classify ourselves simply by using a single descriptor I would say we are synth-rock or synth-metal. However, I find it hard to accurately classify our music as we pull inspiration from so many different genres and musical avenues. We strive toward creating a musical fusion that showcases and highlights the best of all musical elements, while also maintaining our vision and atmosphere.

We know that being so diverse and sonically amorphous can be a risky proposition in the industry, but we feel it's the only way to branch out and truly create something unique and original in today's musical climate.

Last year you released three excellent singles: SACRED TONGUE, ACIDULATE and ANGST. What are your plans for this year?
We had originally planned to have an LP (that we started work on in early 2020) completed and released by mid-year 2021. However, ever since the pandemic hit in full-effect we had to make some tough decisions that resulted in us both being tied up with work or school for 50 - 60 hours per week. It has become increasingly difficult to find time where our schedules both align.

Our previously planned LP has a solid theme and story behind it. It's meant to take the listener through a series of circumstances and lead them to a place of self-reflection and introspection. We want to execute our vision with as much polish and precision as possible. Rather than rushing to completion, we have made the decision to temporarily move it to the back burner and release it when we have ample time to work on it. We want to truly be satisfied with the end result and give the listener and emotional experience like none-other. With that being said, we hope to have the LP released sometime in 2022.

Don't get me wrong, we are still diligently working on our music in our free time and have a new plan-of-attack! Currently, we are working on releasing two themed singles that are aimed toward Bandcamp charity compilations, releasing in May of this year. Beyond that, we are also planning on releasing an all-instrumental EP that showcases a more traditional synthwave style (but with our own musical twist, of course)!

What are your musical influences?
We have acquired so many musical influences over the years it's hard to find a starting place or to list them all. I'm sure there are a lot of omissions, but here are a bunch (in no particular order or level of influence):

Industrial/Gothic/Nu-Metal: Fear Factory, Static-X, Korn, Sentenced, Moonspell, Sybreed, In Flames, KMFDM, Amorphis, Gravity Kills, Deftones, Rammstein
Black/Death Metal: Immortal, Dark Funeral, Nokturn Mortum, Styrocon, Enthroned, Before the Dawn, Emperor
Melodic/Power Metal: Sonata Arctica, Symphony X, Architects, Nightwish, Epica, Scar Symmetry, Kamelot, Insomnium, Dark Tranquility Dungeon Synth: Mortiss, Summoning, WongRaven, Burzum, Caladan Brood, Moonsorrow
Progressive/Djent: Intervals, Norvik, Sith Aye, Plini, Tool, Erra
Shoegaze/Doom/Psychedelic: Verma, Wooden Shjips, True Widow, OM, Sleep, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Isan, White Shapes, Boris
Synthwave/Retrowave/Outrun: Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, The Rain Within, Timecop1983, The Midnight, Kalax, gunship, Perturbator, L'Avenue, Scandroid
Glitch/Chiptunes/Games: VHS Glitch, OSTs (Doom, Ninja Gaiden, Golden Axe, Contra, Binding of Isaac), MisfitChris
80s Rock/Pop: Platinum Blonde, Judas Priest, Oingo Boingo, King Crimson, Journey, Pink Floyd
90s Rock/Pop: Toad the Wet Sprocket, Gin Blossoms, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, The Killers

Can you tell us what equipment you are using for creating new music?
Windows/PC & Interface Equipment:
- Fruity Loops 20.0+ DAW
- Focusrite 18i20 (1st gen) in conjunction with an Octopre Mkii Dynamic
- i5 6700K paired with a GTX 980TI & 16gb of DDRIII dual-channel ram
- Acer UHD B286HK 4k Display/Monitor
- JBL 306 studio monitors

- ESP LTD MH100 Guitar with Seymore Duncan pickups
- Line 6 POD HD guitar pedal
- Sterling Musicman SUB bass guitar
- Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra bass pedal
- Various percussion implements and frankenstein drum kit
- KORG R3 Synthesizer/Midi Controller

How is the synthwave scene in New Jersey?
Aside from the occasional festival or concert held in the tristate area (pre-covid) we really don't have too big of a synthwave scene. I think the synthwave phenomena is something that is spreading like wildfire online, as recording and sharing music has become more prevalent than ever. We find that the synthwave/retrowave culture can also take life outside of the musical element! There are a multitude of artists that are chasing and promoting a certain pleasing aesthetic vibe that is reminiscent of capturing old-school nostalgia bathed in psychedelic, neon-stylized lighting (to say the least). Overall, we find that the synthwave/retrowave culture positively reflects on the past, while still staying grounded in the present, and looking toward the future.

What is your favorite movie of the ´80s and why?
Without hesitation, the answer to this question is undoubtedly, PREDATOR! We've watched this movie more times than I can count. We've watched this movie so much that the VHS tape that we had stopped working! To this day we could probably watch this movie and quote 90% of the lines! Thinking back on it, there is something so special and magical about watching this film at a young age and witnessing this epic, action-packed, sci-fi story unfold!

And finally any last words to the synthwave community?
We knew full well it would be difficult to share our vision starting off from the ground floor. As an independent project, it's always an uphill battle to network and promote your sound, let alone produce quality music. With that being said, we really want to take a moment to thank all the folks that are supporting us and following our musical journey! We strive to learn more and evolve our process and production quality, so we hope you will give us a listen and follow us on our journey. We always love to keep up to date with checking out new and experimental musical innovative ideas. Our participation within the synthwave scene and community from the previous years have been nothing more than delightful, exciting, motivational, and a great stress reliever after a busy day! We just love to see and support all the independent partaking artists in the journey for evolving the synthwave scene together! We would be nowhere if it weren't for this excellent and accepting community. Synthwave is more than just a musical genre!

More is yet to come!

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