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7 jun. 2020

SynthwaveFan presenteert nieuwe blogger Martin

Met grote trots presenteer ik jullie Martin Beltov. Martin gaat samen met mij nieuwe content maken voor SynthwaveFan en ik ben hier ontzettend blij mee. Laten we samen Martin hartelijk welkom heten in onze synthwave community.

I proudly present you Martin Beltov. Martin is going to make new content for SynthwaveFan with me and I am very happy with this. Let's warmly welcome Martin to our synthwave community.

Martin Beltov

Hello and warmest greetings to all synthwave fans around the world! My name is Martin Beltov, a recent convert to the fandom, and I am enticed to be joining SynthwaveFan as a contributor. My experience with the genre so far has made it possible to experience profound moments across all possible emotional states. This music has really helped me in tough situations and has also served as motivations in times of need. It is time to pay back the community. I am joining the team with the hope of helping out with a bit of content now and then.

Here’s some information about me that you might be curious to learn. I am currently 29 years old and working as a professional content creator, currently my main focus is cybersecurity. I can tell you all about the latest threats, the secret wars between hackers and their high-tech arsenal. This has really changed the way I look at computers – knowing that at any time something very wrong can happen.

In my private life I am a firm believer of Transhumanism – the pihlosophy that stipulates that we can achieve our own evolution by using technology means. Our limited biological self can be much improved in order to reach the dream – to become a posthuman.

Synthwave encompasses both of these topics and through our musical explorations we can see that it can really become an important of our lives. My efforts are going to be to illuminate the importance of the music. Every single bit of it is important! The music reviews, the interviews and related graphics and promotional material are actually devised to promote important ideas – about ourselves, about humanity and our future. Have your headphones ready and let’s listen to awesome music together. I am happy to be on the team!

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