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Interview with Mantus

Modesty graces the human. A beautiful statement that perhaps applies to the Dutch synthwave producer Mantus. His first two singles are among my favorite songs for 2019. I keep saying that we have a huge talent here and that I am really looking forward to the new music Mantus will release. I am therefore very happy that I was able to interview Mantus and invite everyone to listen to the music of this amazing person.

You can read here the Dutch version of my interview with Mantus.


Marc, can you give a brief introduction of yourself?
I produce under the moniker Mantus and live in Amsterdam. A city where dance music is flourishing. I have been producing music since I was twelve. I started on the Amiga with the FastTracker program. Before I started producing music I already listened to everything. My heroes were Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and a lot of hardcore punk and metal bands. Until the moment I heard the first jungle/drum and bass (dnb) music. I was hooked right away and started producing this too. I went with friends (shout out to Ferry) to every dnb party that existed. So I actually come from the dnb scene where I still have many acquaintances. But if I go out now it is mostly metal, punk or synthwave parties (and occasionally still dnb)!

Why did you choose to produce synthwave music?
It started, as with many others probably, with the movie Drive and of course especially the soundtrack. But I really started creating synthwave after I changed from DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and was looking for a tutorial that could teach me the more. I discovered the Timecop 1983 tutorial and I started to produce synthwave and delve further into the music. Synthwave was also the first music where I really finished a song, haha.

What software / hardware do you use in the studio?
I used to work with Reason but now it is FL Studio.

Which synthwave artists inspire you when making music?
Those artists are Waveshaper, Red Marker, Wice, Terrordyne, Caspro.

Your first two singles Robocop and Maze Runner have recently been released via Retro City Records. What were the reactions to your debut songs?
I was very surprised how well they were picked up. Especially when you consider that Robocop is the first synthwave song I made. I am ¨soundwise¨ not really happy anymore with the song Robocop because I am now much further in terms of production level. Maze Runner is going really well and recently even received a positive review from Nightride.FM. But you remain the first blogger who has written positively about me.

What are your further musical plans for this year?
I now have about six new songs signed by Retro City Records. I actually made one of those purely for fun from a construction kit, but this one has really become rad so it will also be released. Actually I had made this song for myself, since it was very difficult in the beginning. This is a one-off. I now produce in a huge flow and I finish a lot of songs right now.

I think you are one of the greatest talents in the synthwave scene right now. And I don't think I'm the only one. Do you perhaps already feel a certain amount of pressure when creating songs or do you think differently about it?
To be honest, I really feel no pressure at all and I don't see myself as a great talent. I currently work as a counselor at GGZ (Dutch mental healthcare organization) and I really enjoy my work. Maybe I don't feel pressure because first of all I make music for pleasure.

Is there a possibility that you will perform live in the future?
I don't know if I'm going to perform live, because I like the anonymity. But never say never! If I earn enough money for a good laptop then maybe, haha​​...

Finally, what is your favorite movie from the 80s and why?
Blade Runner! The atmosphere, the dialogues...a classic! RIP Rutger!!

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